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Technical Writer, Relocation to Berlin, Germany
Уважаемые форумчане и гости форума!
Данная вакансия закрыта и мы больше не рассматриваем кандидатов.

Спасибо тем форумчанам, которые откликнулись и высказали свои замечания, предложения и комментарии))
Они были действительно полезны

С уважением
Команда HireITstaff
Technical Writer, Relocation to Berlin, Germany
[B]The position is open in Product Development IT Company (Berlin, Germany).[/B]

Product is an open-code  framework for developers and software development teams specialized in  E-commerce solutions. Framework provides flexible functionality and  scalability for rapidly growing and huge E-Commerce  businesses.
Core product contains complete solutions for: CMS, Cart, Checkout,  Product Option, Refund and dozens of other types for E-Commerce  solutions.

Candidate Qualifications:

• 3+ years of experience as Technical Writer/Trainer/Lecturer in the Software Development field
• Knowledge of documentation tools, version control systems (Git), designing UML diagrams, etc.
• Coding experience with PHP (ability to write sample code, understand and follow clean code) is a must
• Understanding of complex technical concepts and converting them into clear documentation
• Ability to interview developers, asking the right questions
• Strong sense of customer service
• Communication skills in German is a must
• Advanced English (full professional proficiency) is a must

Your tasks:
• Edit, create and maintain technical documentation for our Product (PHP open-code framework)
• Interact with our internal teams, with our clients and partners to  collect information, prioritize it and create or facilitate creation of  needed content
• Create How-to’s, FAQ, guidelines, tasks, documentations, videos, blog  posts, cookbooks about how to use, configure, extend or modify the  Product
• Manage our Forum, write articles for our Technical Blog
• Take part in teaching classes, hackathons and be an active member of  the Product ecosystem by teaching first-hand and spreading a word about  the Product
[B][U]We offer: [/U][/B][LIST]
[*]Relocation to Berlin, Germany
[*]Really interesting projects in E-commerce solutions field
[*]Friendly and engaging professional team,
[*]Professional growth,
[*]Competitive level of salary (ready to speak over your wishes)
[/LIST][B]Contact me for any FAQ's :[/B]
Tatiana Kolosova
Mail [URL=mailto:ktv@hireirstaff.de]ktv@hireirstaff.de[/URL]
Skype: Tatiana Kolosova (ratatyj)
Linkedin: [URL=https://www.linkedin.com/in/tatianakolosova]https://www.linkedin.com/in/tatianakolosova[/URL]
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